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Cancellation Policy

Upon placing your booking with us you have entered into a binding contract however, we do understand that occasionally cancellations may be necessary.

Provided you give us at least 14 days notice, then we will not charge for cancellations and any deposit paid will be refunded. Please note : where we are charged a fee on payments this amount will be deducted from any refunds made.

In instances where you move the date of a booking any deposit paid may be transferred.

Refusal of delivery: Should we arrive at your venue and you refuse delivery or claim to have already cancelled but cannot provide proof you will be subject to a 50% cancellation fee. This fee is to go towards costs such as fuel expenses, loading up, staff wages and lost booking.

ALL Cancellations must be made within the time-scales outlined above to avoid cancellation fees.

Cancellations must be confirmed in writing via email regardless of how the booking was made .If cancelling via telephone you must speak to a staff member who will confirm your cancellation, please do not leave voice or text messages to make cancellations as these may not be picked up until after your event and you may still be charged.

Once we receive your cancellation request we will send you a confirmation via email . If you do not receive this confirmation please call us for verification in order to avoid paying any fees. This confirmation will need to be shown in cases of refused delivery where the cancellation is disputed.


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